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Could ADU’s Help The Portland Oregon Rental Market?

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Could ADU’s Help The Portland Oregon Rental Market?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) have been one of the hottest topics of conversation in recent years among housing advocates who are looking for solutions for solving the housing shortage problem in Portland.

ADU’s make sense because there are plenty of homes in the PDX area with enough space in the backyard to build a small ADU and rent it out.

The great thing about accessory dwelling units is that they don’t even have to be built in most cases. It’s entirely possible to purchase a prefab tiny home and have it delivered to a property and installed. This saves the owner of the property the time, money and hassle of building an ADU on their land and it helps them to get into profit immediately.

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A Smart Solution For The PDX Area

Yes, ADU’s are a housing solution that more homeowner and developers in the PDX area should consider because they also will bring fast housing to the PDX rental market.

Here are a few reasons we think ADUs can be beneficial for property owners in the Portland area and simultaneously help renters in this tight rental market:

  • ADUs create opportunities to provide housing while preserving neighborhood character.
  • ADUs can help prevent urban sprawl by doubling down on residential areas with existing infrastructure and services.
  • ADUs give homeowners an opportunity to capitalize on their current investment (their property) to build wealth, provide passive income and help people plan for retirement.
  • ADUs allow for multi-generational living and aging-in-place.
  • ADUs are a popular way for empty nesters to downsize while remaining in the community they’ve grown to love.
  • ADUs can be designed to be low-maintenance.
  • ADUs can be designed to be net-zero energy use — meaning your energy bills could be close to $0.
  • ADUs are inherently sustainable, being smaller than main houses, reducing materials, energy usage, etc.
  • It can be cheaper to build a custom ADU than buying a new house.

Most of the time, ADUs are detached buildings, called DADUs (similar to a backyard cottage), but an ADU can also be created within a renovated basement, attic or garage.

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