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CDC Eviction Moratorium Extended Until July 31st

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CDC Eviction Moratorium Extended Until July 31st

CDC Eviction Moratorium

Sensing the need to stop a ‘tidal wave’ of evictions, the CDC Eviction Moratorium has been extended by the Federal Government for another 30 days to give renters more time to access programs to assist them with paying the rent.

With an estimated 7 million renters nationwide currently behind on their rents, it’s unlikely that a 30-day extension will do much to help most people who are facing eviction to avoid the inevitable.

An estimated ‘tens of billions of dollars’ are currently available for tenants facing eviction but for some states, including California, distribution of those funds has been slow, irking housing advocates who are working overtime to keep people off the streets.

Landlords And Tenants Both Affected

What’s often not talked about in the media is the plight of landlords during the eviction moratorium, especially small ‘mom and pop’ landlords who rely on the income from their rental properties and in most cases have not been able to earn income from their properties in months.

Landlords have been pushing back opposing the eviction moratorium and dozens of lawsuits have been filed nationwide but each time there’s a win in the court system, the eviction moratorium still somehow continues to be extended.

The Alabama Association of Realtors, which brought one of the cases, argued that the CDC exceeded its authority in issuing the ban. The group is seeking relief from the U.S. Supreme Court, but the justices have yet to respond.

In its petition, the Realtors association called the CDC’s “continued insistence that public-health concerns necessitate that landlords continue to provide free housing for tenants who have received vaccines (or passed up the chance to get them) … sheer doublespeak.”

Housing advocates have argued that the moratorium is still very much needed. They note that $46 billion in emergency rental assistance approved by Congress has been slow getting into the hands of those it was intended to help. The money is supposed to cover rent that tenants currently owe.

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