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Budget-Friendly Upgrades That You Can Make To Upgrade Your Portland Oregon Rental Property

Are you planning on updating your Portland Oregon Rental Property in 2021 but budget is an issue? Even though you may have made expensive renovations to your property in the past, the reality is that updating a rental property in 2021 doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you follow these tips. Tip #1 –…
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Essential Tech Tools Landlords Should Be Using In 2021

Owning rental properties is an excellent way to build positive cashflow on a monthly basis and thanks to the internet there are a wide variety of convenient tech tools that landlords can use to grow their businesses. In this article, we will break down some of the top tech tools landlords should be using in…
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Property Management Tips – How To Advertise Your Portland Oregon Rental Property The Right Way

Owning a Portland Oregon rental property is an excellent way to build passive cash flow every month while establishing wealth but if you advertise that property incorrectly, you could have a longer vacancy than you expected. In this article, we will share with you several tips for rental advertising that you can use for advertising…
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eviction moratorium

The End of The Federal Eviction Moratorium Is Coming – What Happens Next?

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, renters in Portland have been protected from eviction thanks to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium, which is part of the Cares Act. With the current Federal Eviction Moratorium coming to an end on March 31st, it’s understandable that some renters in…
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Due Diligence Tips For Large Multifamily Properties

Are you planning on investing in a large multifamily property that has up to 100 units or more? If so, physical due diligence is a necessary part of the closing process, but the big question is how can you thoroughly evaluate every unit in that property so that you have a clear understanding of what…
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Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Be A Landlord Of Multiple Rental Properties

Owning rental properties in Portland Oregon is one of the best ways to build wealth and to generate long-term cash flow but, one of the mistakes that many landlords make is attempting to manage multiple rental properties themselves. Most owners typically burn out after a couple of years of managing multiple rental properties, especially for…
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Steps Owners Can Take To Avoid Going Through The Eviction Process

Eviction is something that no rental property owner wants to go through but the reality is that the longer someone owns a Portland Oregon rental property, it’s likely that they may have to go through the eviction process with one of their tenants. Even though the media, movies, and television shows portray eviction as being…
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Reasons Why Good Tenants Leave, And What To Do About It

During the time that you own rental properties in Portland Oregon, or elsewhere across the United States, you’re going to have tenants who will stay with you longer than 12 months but then when it seems like they are happy and should renew their leases again, they leave. Even though this is a common trend…
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Rent Growth Increasing In Portland

The last 12 months have been some of the toughest ever for Portland landlords as rent growth has remained mostly stagnate mostly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to recent statistics from rentalhousingjournal.com, we know that rent growth is on the rise in the Portland area as rents here increased by 0.6% during February and…
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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Portland Area Rental Property

Spring is now just weeks away, and for Portland area landlords, that means one thing, it’s time to get your rental property ready for leasing season. One of the best things that you can do to get your rental property ready for leasing is to focus on spring cleaning. If it’s been a while since…
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Portland Oregon Multifamily

What Portland Oregon Multifamily Properties Rent The Fastest?

Are you planning on investing in a Portland Oregon Multifamily Investment property but you’re also wondering which properties rent the fastest? With our decades of experience managing Portland Oregon rental properties, we’ve found the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom multifamily properties always rent the fastest, across the board. Why Do Two Bedroom Multifamily Properties Rent The…
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Which Luxury Amenities Should You Add To Your Portland Oregon Luxury Rental Property?

Do you own a Portland Oregon luxury rental property? If so, one of the keys to success with owning a luxury rental is having the amenities that renters want. In this article, we will break down some of the most highly desirable luxury amenities that you should consider adding to your Portland Oregon investment property.…
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Steps For Finding The Right PDX Area Investment Property

Planning on investing in a new rental property in Portland, Beaverton, or the surrounding area? If so, now is the right time to buy because there is more inventory to choose from and interest rates are still historically low. Before getting started with searching for an investment property, make sure you follow these tips. Confirm…
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What’s The Number One Way To Keep Your Portland Oregon Tenants Happy In 2021?

One of the keys to success with owning Portland rental properties is keeping your tenants happy because happy tenants also pay their rent on time, and keep their properties in good condition. The big question is what’s the best method for keeping tenants happy? The answer is rental property maintenance. When a landlord listens to…
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Portland Tenant Placement

Tips For Keeping Great Tenants In Your Rental Properties

If you’ve owned rental properties for some time, you know that when you find great tenants for your property you want to keep them for as long as possible. The big question is how? With more apartments coming to the market every day, tenants in the PDX area have more choices than ever before so…
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Does DIY Property Management Cost You Money, Or Make You Money?

Did you just purchase your first rental property in Portland Oregon? If so, you have officially started on the path as a landlord, and the future is bright because you’re going to earn passive monthly cashflow while building wealth. As you’re just getting started with your first investment property, one of the biggest questions that…
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Portland Rental Management - Portland Property Management

Tips For Reducing Single Family Vacancies In 2021

One of the worst things that a landlord has to deal with is single family vacancies because they mean one thing, a landlord will have to cover the mortgage payment for their property until they find their next tenant. Thankfully, reducing single-family vacancies is easier than you think, especially if you follow these tips. Tip…
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Property Management Professionals Spotlight – Learn More About Vickie Haffner

At Rent Portland Homes Professionals, our Portland Oregon Property Management company is thriving, thanks to the hard work of all of our team members, including Vickie Haffner, our assistant portfolio manager. Vickie started with us last year before the beginning of the pandemic and has been an invaluable member of our team, working hard behind…
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Georgie - Rent Portland Homes Professionals

Meet Georgie, Our Community Relations Manager

At Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, we’re proud to introduce Georgie, our new community relations manager. Besides being one of the most visible faces for our company in the PDX area, Georgie will also help tenants to know when our rental properties are pet friendly. Anytime we post a new property with Georgie’s picture, this…
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Tips For Streamlining Package Deliveries At Your Multifamily Property

It doesn’t matter if you own a duplex, triplex, fourplex or apartment building, if you’re allowing packages to be delivered to your multifamily property, likely, you may also face the threat of a lawsuit if one or more of those packages is stolen. Package deliveries are on the rise these days because more people are…
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Portland Oregon Property Management Partner

Portland Oregon Property Management Partner – Contact Rent Portland Homes – Professionals

Realtors, are you searching for a Portland Oregon Property Management partner? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, we specialize in local property management and can offer you the reliability that you’ve been searching for in a property management partner. Our company has been a leading property management…
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Three Rental Property Upgrades That You Should Make For Your PDX Rental Property In 2021

Are you planning on making rental property upgrades to your PDX Rental Property in 2021? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Now that 2020 is officially over, one of the best things that you can do is start making improvements to your Portland Oregon Rental Property. The good news is that you can…
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How To Find Remote Work Tenants For Your Portland Area Rental Properties

Are you searching for remote work tenants for your Portland rental properties? Remote work is one of the latest buzz words that’s impacting the property management industry because with Covid-19, more people are working remotely than ever before and most landlords want to find tenants that can work remotely. In this article, we will share…
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Multifamily Property Management

Multifamily Property Management – Contact Rent Portland Homes Professionals

Do you need multifamily property management? If so, contact the Rent Portland Homes Professionals team today by calling us at (503) 447-7735 or click here to connect with us online. We specialize in full-service property management and can assist you in managing your multifamily properties in the PDX area. Having a professional property manager for…
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Single Family Home Management In Portland Oregon

Single Family Home Management In Portland Oregon

Do you need single-family home management in Portland Oregon? If so, contact the team at Rent Portland Homes today by calling us at (503) 447-7735 or connect with us online. We specialize in single-family home management for the PDX area and can save you the time, money, or hassle of managing your Portland rental property…
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Tips For Keeping Your Portland Rental Property In Great Condition

If you own rental property in Portland Oregon, you know that one of the toughest things to do is to keep that property in great condition. Maintenance is important because failing to hold your property to a high standard means that you could face longer vacancy periods or tenants who don’t treat your property with…
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Things To Consider Before Investing In Multifamily Properties

Are you planning on investing in multifamily properties for the first time? If so, you’re not alone! Multifamily properties are more in demand in Portland, and across the United States, than ever before because the typical apartment complex is usually located close to the big city, and renters like to have the convenience & flexibility…
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Beaverton Oregon Property Management – Learn More About Our Services Here!

Are you searching for a Beaverton Oregon property management company? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, we specialize in Beaverton Oregon property management. This means that we know the Oregon rental market better than anyone and you can count on to find the most qualified renters to…
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What Are The Secrets To Successful And Profitable Landlords?

Are you planning on investing in rental properties in 2021? If so, you’re making a smart choice. Owning rental properties is an excellent way to build wealth but there are also secrets that profitable and successful landlords follow. In this article, we will offer you several tips that you can use for building a profitable…
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Portland Oregon - Tenant Screening

Portland Oregon Tenant Screening

Do you need Portland Oregon Tenant Screening? If so, we can help! At Rent Portland Homes – Professionals we offer full tenant screening services. Our team will save you the time, money, and hassle of having to screen tenants yourself so that you can focus on earning passive income from your rental property. Tenant screening…
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